c.1964 Gibson J-50 Guitar

Hm, I'll take a honeymoon with this guitar...!

Here's a Gibson J-50 from '64 -- so says the serial -- a slope-shouldered bigger-than-a-dreadnought gee-tar, with tone to match that bigger-than-a-dreadnought description. In short? This thing transmits enthusiasm and confidence as soon as you pick it up. I like.

Top is solid spruce with x-bracing (lightweight stuff), back, sides, and neck are all solid mahogany, with a rosewood (adjustable ceramic saddle) bridge and rosewood board. That 16" lower bout kicks out tons of bass, which is just fine with me, as that's what this thing is meant to do.

Original Kluson tuners are with the guitar, but these are a repro Kluson set of the same type.

I just did a fret dress and setup this morning.

Here's that adjustable bridge. Note that it has new ebony pins and an original ceramic saddle.

Big old pickguard!

This guitar is in fantastic shape, save for a couple of hairline (repaired) cracks, both on the bass lower bout, front and back.

This has that typical excellent Gibson neck -- fast but not too small, and very playable right on up to the neck join, which I can't say for all guitars. I'm darn smitten with this instrument, to be honest...

Yep, it's a beaut. If you know about these guitars, you know that they're 100% workhorse and can easily hold down the bottom end for a folkie/old-time/small bluegrass group.

Typical '60s-style screwed-in strap button.

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