c.1940 Oahu 229K Lap Steel Guitar

Can I say -- all original honey?

This is a model 229K Oahu-branded lapsteel guitar, probably made around c.1940. It's got its original case, original cable, original Oahu-brand fingerpicks, and original Oahu-brand steel. Wow!

And to top it all off, the shrunken tuner knobs still haven't cracked and are good to go.

There are three reasons these old Oahus kick butt vs. many new and also many other older lapsteels -- 1st is that it has a long 25"+ scale length so tension is nice, 2nd is that the pickup is hot, clear, and tasty -- and 3rd, is that it's made out of solid mahogany as opposed to birch or maple, and so has a warm, open voice with great sustain.

Bone nut, "Safe-T" Kluson-made tuners, and cool decal.

MOP dots, and in a throwback to actual Hawaiian guitars, frets.

I absolutely can't get enough of the sweet-as-heck radio dial knobs.

Nice mahogany pickup cover/hand rest as well.

Cool cast "pyramid bridge" tailpiece/bridge-in-one.

Tuner plates are in great shape. Tuners work well, too.

Note that the body is bound on top and back for a classy effect.

This switch gives you a volume cut -- there's a piece of paper in the case describing it as "extra volume for bigger amps" yet a "cut off for smaller amps" -- so you don't overdrive/blow out the speaker of the small wattage units at the time.

Excellent hard case with green interior. The exterior of the case is grungy and has its bizarro wallpaper-ish faux-tweed look peeling here and there, but the inside is grand, and everything is ship-shape to go.

Oahu-brand bullet steel.

And Oahu-brand fingerpick (one of two, plus a celluloid thumb pick) with diamond cutout. Cool!

That letter describing the model (229K) and the cutoff switch.

Oops, upside-down, sorry! And a piece of sheet music as well.

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terri said...

i have one of the c.1940 Oahu by Regal Jumbo Hawaiian Guitars which was owned by my grandmother. it is in good shape tho not perfect, still has all the original parts, and i'm curious as to a possible value.