c.1970 Oscar Schmidt Autoharp

Here's a trusty, faithful, early 70s Oscar Schmidt (branded) autoharp. It plays fine, sounds good, and holds tune. I was very pleased to pick it up with all of its strings in relatively good condition, as well!

This autoharp looks like it was played a few times and then stored in a closet for the last 40 years. There are fancier instruments out there, for sure, but these old OS-branded ones are great practical, no-frills instruments.

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SweetCyn said...

Maybe you can help me. I just bought one just like you 1970 OS with the white logo, except mine has no hole in the middle like I see on most. Is this some special model??? It has a beautiful sound to it and the strings/chors seem in really good shape. I'm trying to figure out the year model and why it has no hole?? Thanx, Sweet Cyn