c.1925 Regal-made? Flatback Mandolin

Here's a good flatback mando with plenty of volume and bark. It'll definitely cut in a jam, but not in the same fashion as an archtop mando. It's perfectly suited to Celtic or old-timey music, with a warm but snappy tone. The short scale makes it nicely playable as well!

It was probably made by Regal (judging by materials, bracing style, headstock shape, etc.) around c.1920-1925 or so. The fretboard looks like rosewood, the back/sides/neck appear to be dark-stained birch, and the top is spruce. This is all solid stuff, too.

It's bound on the top edge, soundhole, and fretboard -- also with side-dots on the board. There's colorful marquetry "purfling" around the soundhole and top edge as well.

Cool inlaid pickguard.

Simple brass-plate tuners work great after oiling.

MOP dots. I gave this mando a fret dress.

Other work included: setup, two brace reglues, cleaning, etc.

In addition I cut a fairly low new bone bridge as it had no bridge when I got it.

Fun looks!

It has a strange reddish-brown ("mahogany") stain to the birch on the back and sides, but is agreeable to the eye!

Tailpiece is missing it's cover and one of the screws is a replacement from my parts bin.

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