c.1925 Paramount by Lange Style B Tenor Banjo

This is a customer's tenor banjo. I didn't check the serial number for the date but it's a fantastic instrument, probably dating from around c.1925-27 or so. It's very fancy, features the Lange-style archtop tonering design (set on posts), has more volume than you'd ever need, and all the tone quality you could ask for.

I did a quick cleaning and a fret dress + setup last evening and snapped these shots just before he picked it up as I figured tenor players out there might enjoy it. This instrument appears to have been refinished at some point.

Excellent engraved pearl is found throughout. Just pretty, pretty stuff.

Looks like a replacement bone nut as well as replacement frets. These were pretty divot-ed before the dressing. Good ebony board.

Can't get enough of the engraved pearl.

Two bands of herringbone, multi-ply binding, and red striping. Nice! Not to mention all of the quality Lange hardware with patent numbers stamped all over them.

Replacement Grover 2-foot bridge.

Nice little cover also works as a down-tension adjusters. A very elegant design.

I love the "side dots" as well s the rope/red marquetry. This appears to be "bound" in ebony as well.

Note the pickholder and the "made by his wifey" arm-rest cover.

Super birdseye maple on the neck.

Old geared pegs work great.

...and there's an old pickup hanging about inside as well.


tpfliss said...

That's my favorite model of tenor banjo, and I'm so glad it's a customer instrument and not in your inventory. Someday I'll upgrade, but not soon. What a great specimen. The photos show it off well. Any chance the owner has some recordings?

Antebellum Instruments said...

No luck, but he's Bob Dean of the Bethel Pea Pickers and various Bethel-based bands. Tried on YT to see if anyone had popped up a clip but nope!