c.1920 Harmony-made Super Fancy Flamed Mahogany Ukulele

This is just how I like 'em... 100% original, including original (matched!) wood pegs, bridge, etc. It has fantastic solid curly/flamed mahogany all over, rope binding on the top and bottom edges, a rope rosette, and rope inlay down the middle of the neck. The neck itself is also dovetailed into the body rather than doweled, which makes this a much better neck join than the usual Chicago-made fare of the time.

In short? Super stylish and super quality.

This particular style uke (this body shape, styling, brace pattern, headstock shape, etc.) was made by Harmony in Chicago around the late teens into the early 1920s. These were among the first high grade catalog ukes available in the Sears catalog en masse.

See that beauty?

It only has one crack -- a sort of rough crumple/hairline along the treble side of the bridge extending about 3" -- all glued up -- and I can't even see it in the photos. Very stable. It was caused by a bracing having given way at one point.

My work on the uke included: reglue of two braces, said crack repair, a fret dress, setup, cleaning, and also a reglue of the bridge.


And the tone is warm and sweet to boot, with good volume.

I love the look of wood pegs.

The neck is wide (side to side) and thin (front to back) with a mellow V shape. This is essentially the "perfect soprano uke" shape as it gives good spacing for complex chords but fast playability.

Sure is breathtakingly gorgeous with that flame.

Wood pegs keep the headstock lightweight -- and while they're not as easy to learn how to use properly (you have to push in slightly as you turn to tune up so they hold) -- I think they're essentially the most elegant way to keep your uke tuned up.

Gotta love the rope binding!

Yep! Flame is on the back, too! YUM!

Good neck join.

To cut to the chase: I'm tempted by this. I get this style uke in every now and then but this one has some of the nicest wood I've seen on this model and a correspondingly sweet and warm tonality that is silky smooth. Love it.

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