Cool tone...

Just wanted to share with you...

...the trade-deal that tied up this reso uke I put together has moved on to concern different instruments so I've had it to fool around with again. I popped on some steel strings as I had intended to from the beginning -- and oh my gosh -- listen to the coolness of this tone:

Click here for MP3

Steel string reso uke! It's like a music box that you can play... like a fretted instrument. Fun. It's also three times as loud, now, too!


Anonymous said...

Was Johnny B. Goode playin' that uke for you? Because it sure sounded like ringin' a bell! What a neat instrument you have created.


maasta said...

Hi Jake,
Thanks for the demo, it sounds fantastic.
I have a metal-bodied Republic resophonic ukulele, and I always wondered how it might sound with steel strings. But I just worried about the safety of the resonator cone with a larger string tension.
What strings have you used on your uke and how does its resonator hold them?


Antebellum Instruments said...

Strings are:

G -- 14 plain
C -- 28w p. bronze
E -- 22w p. bronze
A -- 12 plain

The reso cone is perfectly able to cope with it and the extra tension actually feels better. The action has not gotten any lower vs. the nylgut strings that were on it before (which would be a sign of a collapsing cone).

Most reso uke cones can perfectly deal with steel strings as long as they're not too heavy. This is because most reso uke cones are actually repurposed 6" tricones. In fact, the original National reso ukes were equipped with steel strings to drive the cone enough.

maasta said...

Thank you, Jake. I think I should try.

Nickie said...

the mp3 link is down T_T