c.1955 Harmony Baritone Ukulele (yet another one!)

Yes, another beautiful mid-50s Harmony baritone uke... all-solid mahogany throughout, rosewood bridge and fretboard, brass frets, faux-mop dots in the board, bone nut and saddle... all original hardware, etc. -- and it's in great shape, besides! It only has one tiny 1" hairline crack on the waist treble side, which I can't even open up to force glue in.

Work included a fret dress, cleaning, and setup.

Beautiful, glowing, slightly curly mahogany all over.

The 50s baris with the bone nut and saddle and slightly lighter build than the 60s Harmony baris always have full, rich, sweet tone.

Neck joints the body at the 14th fret.

Brazilian rosewood board.

Harmony label is in good shape.

Like I said -- gorgeous mahogany on this uke. It's a medium golden color and glows in the sun.

Original friction tuners.

Yup, she's a beaut!

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