c.1950 Regal Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Here's a good student (or funky vintage lover) uke, with way better tone and feel than you'll get on entry level ukes nowadays. It's got an all-solid mahogany body with a wider lower bout than usual and no bracing (the top is slightly thicker rather than braced) which gives it almost a pineapple uke tonality -- open and sweet.

The fretboard is rosewood and the bridge and neck look like poplar?

My work on the uke included a fret dress, setup, and bridge reglue -- as the bridge was loose and was originally glued slightly too forward. It now plays nice, sounds nice, and is ready to go!

Funky sprayed-on "rosette."

Cute early '50s label.

Painted-on fret "dots."

This uke is crack free and has a good solid mahogany body.

Old "keystone" tuners work just fine.

All ship-shape!


Chuck said...

Hello - I am a guitar player and have been looking at getting a ukulele to learn and play. I love the old funky vintage instruments that you have for sale. Would this ukulele be a good one for starting out?

Antebellum Instruments said...

Hi Chuck,

It certainly would -- plays great, sounds great, and has all-solid construction. It's not fancy, but has it where it counts. Good intonation, too.