c.1930 Unmarked (U-King Style Pot) Banjo Ukulele

What a cute soprano uke! The neck looks like it's been refinished or oversprayed and the head is an older replacement skin type, but otherwise it's all-original. It plays great, has gobs of sweet tone and lots of volume, and with its blindingly chromed (nickeled?) resonator backplate and rim... it sure stands out.

The neck has a very thin (front to back) and wide (side to side) profile which gives it a very "Hawaiian" feel but also means that steel strings are not allowed by any means!

I had to add some extra slots to the original nut to make spacing better. Tuners look like '50s types so they may not be original, but may very well be. I'm not sure how long these U-King style pots were made.

Nylgut strings, brass frets.

Early-ish (20s? 30s?) non-tip Grover bridge.

Hardware is in great shape. Rim is plated steel.

I think a fella could pop this resonator off and use it on their car...

Good heavy tailpiece.

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