c.1920 Kaholas by Gretsch? Koa Ukulele

I'm not sure if I posted this uke before, but it's a nice, all-koa soprano, with very "Hawaiian" construction -- Spanish heel/neck, simple appointments (one ring rosette), frets-in-neck "fretboard" and great tone!

The rumor around the net is that these were made by Gretsch in the early 20s, and I would agree that the likelihood of that is high. The headstock has a fair-sized and pronounced "volute" at its base which is very much like an ID tag hanging off, saying "I was made at the Gretsch factory!"

Body style, headstock shape, headstock volute, and Spanish heel are all similar to early "Gretsch American" ukes.

I added the ebony saddle... I think... a while back. I did work on this uke for a customer and she recently traded it in towards a banjo ukulele as she wanted that banjo-uke tonality instead.

The bridge had an extra slot cut in it at one point and shows some wear here and there but still holds strings just fine.

I also added new Grover pegs and set the uke up for her as well.

It's a pretty thing, with understated chocolate-toned koa throughout, and has a beautifully sublime tone. It's got a creamy sort of sweet tone -- but pretty loud, too.

...and has a nice end-strip, too!


Anonymous said...

what model Grover pegs are those?

Antebellum Instruments said...

2Bs I believe.