Next batch, please!

More "coming up" instruments:

c.1890 GSM Quality Guarnerius Copy Violin (German)
c.1930 Oscar Schmidt Hawaiian Tremeloa
c.1940 Regal Archtop Guitar
c.1925 Oscar Schmidt Banjo Uke
c.1920 Gretsch Tenor Banjo
c.1925 Harmony Hawaiian Guitar (Spanish neck)
c.1925 Leland/Larson (true) Piccolo Mandolin
c.1915 Lange 5-String Banjo
c.1885 Buckbee Pony 5-String Banjo
c.1950 Harmony Baritone Uke (another one!)
c.1920 Canoe-decal Banjo Uke
c.1925 Banjo Uke/2011 Reso Uke Conversion

And of course the aforementioned:

c.1930 Beltone (Slingerland style) 5-string Banjo
c.1920 Stromberg Voisinet Rope-Bound Hawaiian Guitar
c.1915 Gretsch-made 5-String Banjo


Anonymous said...

Holy cats! You are (have been) a busy guy Jake. Can't wait for all the cool stuff.

Are you familiar with J Brentrup guitars? I got to play one of his 'modern' oak parlors last weekend. Super nice. The first time I ever saw an oak parlor was on your blog.


Antebellum Instruments said...

Ben: I'm familiar with his mandos from Mandolincafe.org but haven't seen the guitars yet... checked them out... gorgeous!!