Just around the corner...

UPDATE: I added a few more to the list. Also, I've updated my old blog post (and inventory info) about the Weymann "style 2" No. 15 uke to reflect new information gleaned talking to a good fellow on eBay.

...are these fellas:

c.1950 Italian-made Banjo Guitar
c.1850 German-made "Parlor" Guitar
c.1930 Regal "Diamond Head" 00-size Guitar
c.1930 Martin 0-18 Guitar (a customer's)
c.1920 Quaglia Pocket Mandolin (customer's)
c.1920 Vega Style K Banjo Mandolin
c.1900 Weymann? Brass-rim Tenor Banjo
c.1930 Regal Tenor Banjo w/Resonator
c.1945 Silvertone Mahogany Uke
c.1925 Stella (O Schmidt) Banjo Uke
c.1925 Sovereign (O. Schmidt) Banjo Uke
c.1955 Plastic Ukes (2 of them)

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