Inventory List Now Available & New Stuff

(Part A)

I'm going to be updating my inventory pricelist here on the blog every week, complete with sound clips, links to the pertinent blog posts, etc. Check it out at the link above: "Current Inventory." This will cut down on having to chase me around for prices, shipping quotes, etc. on recently listed instruments.

I have a pretty fast-paced stock, though, so some things may simply not be listed before they're in and out again. Sometimes I don't even get a chance to take photos of stuff that hits the floor!

(Part B)

ALSO, since my last "what's up next" post, I've also picked up these "coming soon" attractions:

c.1930 High-end Kay-made "Serenader" Tenor Banjo

c.1900 Waldo-made Bowlback/Flatback Hybrid Mandolin

c.1950s? 60s? Home-made Table Violin (like the old German ones)

c.1920 Regal/L&H? Spruce/Birch Flatback Mandolin

c.1950 Early Carnival-style Plastic Uke (plain black/white)

(Part C)

I'm also almost done with some information guides regarding proper strings/string types/gauges to use on a whole slew of various vintage instruments. This is still going to take a little time as it can easily snowball into information overload...! There's going to be a "complicated" section discussing string types and their tone and tension influence, historical string construction, etc. and a "simple" section with a big old chart for various instrument families, with gauges listed for standard and popular (and unpopular) alternate tunings.


Anonymous said...


I'm pretty much addicted to hearing the sound clips you post for the various instruments so I'm glad to see they are right on your site instead of the usual ebay detour.

Good luck w/ the site changes. Maybe if you sell more items directly you can keep a bit more profit for yourself while continuing to keep things reasonable.

Have you ever considered auctioning an instrument yourself right here?


Antebellum Instruments said...

Ben: Interesting idea! I may have to try that at some point -- maybe for something where I get 5+ interested buyers. I usually sell to whoever gets back to me with a "yes, I'll do it!" first. Also, I've been thinking about setting up a site with all the clips I've done over time listed and available for comparison purposes.

Antebellum Instruments said...

Ben: But to your first statement -- I've been doing a lot more direct sales lately which has helped a lot. Nicer for me, more customer interaction which is nicer for the customer, and nice not to have a 15% gouge from eBay and PayPal.

I'm really actually kind of POed at eBay as I was removed from "PowerSeller" status which makes my fees a lot higher. I sell tons more in $$ than most sellers on eBay but I sell just under in the quantity category so I don't get the fee reduction. I suppose I should be selling spare parts and little items as well but considering how long it takes me to put a single post together on the 'bay that would just eat into more of my workshop time -- which = YUCK.

Anonymous said...


I kinda guessed it was a combination of things moving your sales closer to virtual home. Probably a good idea to keep an ebay presence on some scale. I think that's where I first found your stuff. May lead new people to you.

Love the clips in one spot idea. Good to see you putting effort into keeping your site top notch.