c.1955 Plastic Ukuleles

This post has a couple of ukes in it, both 1950s all-plastic models. This first one is two-tone and unmarked, though it's quite a bit like a Fin-Der Diamond Head uke. It has a thicker, more banjo-uke depth neck, but with a long Martin-style scale length. Tone is dry, loud, but sweet. Almost like a hybrid of a wood, banjo, and reso uke all in one. Playability after setup is quite comfortable, too!

On the whole, I'm darn pleased with this little fella. It also helps that it's in such great shape, too... even with its original plastic friction pegs.

All-white/cream top. Black back and sides. Bridge has easy-load big "v" cuts for the string knots.

Fret "dots" are in the right place, it intonates well, and it sports a zero-fret design at the nut.

Typical small "dip" deformation on the top like one sees on all of these old ones. Strings are new Aquila Nylguts.

And here's a marbleized uke, branded "Teasers Hula Uke." Unlike the featherweight white/black uke above, this one is a bit heavier, with less volume, but slightly more of a "wood uke" tonality to it and better sustain. It also sports original all-metal friction pegs rather than plastic.

This uke has no zero fret, and the fret markers are also on the wrong frets -- 2, 4, etc. Nevertheless it has a fantastic feel due to its slim (front to back) and wide (side to side) neck profile, which is very much similar to an older Martin or Favilla neck feel.

Aquila Nylguts also on this fella.

Metal pegs.

Marbleized purple/crimson looks reall cool. If this were an ice cream it'd be "black raspberry."

This one is super glossy! The bridge is much more "traditional" looking as well.

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