New pages...?

Hi everyone -- been thinking of getting some reference material up on static pages for this blog for those seeking answers to questions like, "what strings do I use for such and such antique instrument?" or "what should I use to clean the finish and fretboard?" and so on.

Before I go compiling all this stuff together, though, please let me know what topics you'd find interesting to see covered. The only thing I don't want to get into is repair instruction... as it's extremely time-consuming and there are numerous websites out there on the net that are great references for the beginning repairman.


Anonymous said...


Are you thinking about making the new pages open ended so if someone were to ask a specific question you would answer in the way you'd approach the issue on your own instruments? That could be very cool.


Antebellum Instruments said...

Ben: yup.

Josh said...

I'd like a "what the heck strings should I use for a 1925 Taropatch, and how should it be tuned" sort of page. "OK, so I've got a harp-tiple-banjo; now what?"

Antebellum Instruments said...

Josh: Sounds good. :)