c.1955 Kent 13" Maple Tom Drum

Update 2013: I haven't used this recently so I think it's time to pass it on. Great drum, good sound, blue sparkle over maple innards, classic looks and style, worn-in but newer heads (installed in 2011), and made in the USA. Can't complain too much! Now back to the original post... (I've updated the photos, by the way)...

Here's a great, 13" maple-rimmed Kent, made in Kenmore, NY in the '50s (badge style is a '50s Kent badge). Later on the Kent name was used on Japanese drums, but these American-made ones are a great, old-timey sounding, quality "simple" drum.

When I fixed it up I popped on a set of new Remo Renaissance heads, top side has a "PowerStroke" type which means it's slightly muted to reduce ring (and consequently, sounds a bit more like a thick skin), while the back is a plain Renaissance, which has a bit more pop and range of tone.

 So... flip it over when you want a different tone.

When I got the drum, it had an ugly old frosted Remo on it and the remains of an original skin head.

This used to be a white/foil badge, but from years of wear and tear it's all "foil" now.

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