Two cool honeys...

I just finished off an all-birch, rope-bound Hawaiian guitar, made by Regal c.1930, and set it up with a new bone nut, neck reset, etc. for standard play... this thing is great!!! There are so few surviving rope-bound catalog guitars and this one, aside from needing the neck set, was in totally-original, nearly crack-free shape. Pretty amazing as I see its counterparts and cousins somewhat often wrecked beyond belief.

Also, got a cool trade-in, Daion '81 Caribou guitar (look 'em up, they're something else!)... electronics are dead (literally, as someone removed the 9V battery box) but will be swapping that "80s charm" (anti-charm, evil!) undersaddle pickup out for a passive K&K and piping it through the original EQ controls and jack. Will be very sweet -- totally cool gypsy jazz guitar as it has a giant oval soundhole and an arched back for oomph.

Just had to share my adventures! A friend of mine also handed me what I thought was a mid-grade '70s Japanese dreadnought, but turns out to be a '68 Gibson Blue Ridge -- retopped, though, but a super professional job. Sounds tops.

Pics will follow for all of these soon.

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