More Coming Attractions

Cool stuff coming up in the near future... a customer's c.1930s Kay-made archtop guitar, c.1920 Weymann (made by Martin) style 2 soprano ukulele, c.1925 Vega style K banjo mandolin, c.1925 Regal-made? rope-bound-birch-body Hawaiian guitar, c.1910 Gretsch-made? 5-string banjo converted to fretless banjo (new cherry fingerboard, smooth as a babe's bottom), c.1960s Harmony Baritone uke, c.1940s? 50s? Italian (guess) zither-rim tenor banjo with slotted headstock, c.1920s/2011 cigar-box mandolin ("half a Stella" from the 20s), various customer fiddles from c.1880s-1920s, and also the most overembellished Regal soprano ukulele from the 1920s EVER.

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