c.1930 Supertone by Harmony Ukulele

This was built for the Sears catalog by Harmony, probably around c.1930 or so. It's all-original (minus missing back braces), plays great (now), and sounds excellent with pretty great sustain and natural "reverb" for a uke. It's made entirely of solid birch, has original bakelite-buttoned friction tuners, and sports two-ply top and soundhole binding.

The best part, of course, is the really cool canoe scene decal below the bridge.

Had to dress these frets as they were at all sorts of heights when I got the uke. I also had to reset the neck -- and when I did so I removed the (broken) original dowel and drilled out two new holes in the heel & heel block and installed two new dowels, which should remove the need for a neck set in the future, as one dowel holds tension near the top of the body and one near the back.

Cool tobacco brown finish. The finish itself shows a bit of flaking/checking from weather, but overall is nice and vintagey-glossy.

In-the-soundhole label.

Way-cool decal. She's playing banjo uke, by the way.

I had to reglue the bridge.

All the braces in the back are missing, but the back still has good integrity. There are a few (repaired) light hairlines (not through), however.

Original tuners.

Gotta love the simple black/white binding.

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