Next Up

I know everyone's been waiting around for new stuff -- been busy with new baby and X-mas and stuff, though!

Nevertheless, cool stuff coming soon: a c.1923 SS Stewart-marked, Martin-made 2-18 "parlor" guitar, same period SS Stewart-marked, Martin-made bowlback mandolin, c.1930 Harmony tenor guitar (OO-18 style, but ladder braced and tenor), c.1940s Kay super-fancy archtop guitar, c.1960s/70s Fender Bronco/Musicmaster parts electric guitar, c.1970s "Global" Japanese Strat copy electric guitar, c.1910 little Lyon & Healy? parlor guitar, c.1920 Richter rope-bound mahogany soprano uke, c.1950s Vega "Solo Lute" Baritone Ukulele (the "original" bari uke), and, uh... loads of other fun toys!

Hopefully soon I'll post some pics!

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