News Items (Local interest?)

Just a bit of news...

First off, I've been playing period banjo and guitar along with a fiddler and guitarist in a brand new "play with music" about the home front/front lines during the Civil War as experienced through the actual letters of Vermont soldiers (one in particular, a Lt. Ransom W. Towle) writing home and their families writing to them. It's great, titled Ransom, and is ongoing right here in town (Rochester, VT). Definitely come out and see it if you can. More info can be found by (clicking here) going to the White River Valley Players site.

Other news... I should have mentioned this before, but local favorites They Might Be Gypsies have had a new album out for a while now, which is full of great stuff. They're a father/son gypsy jazz duo who really have it going. Click here for a link to their site. Mr. Gypsy Jazz Greg Ryan is also the new owner of that Levin lute guitar I posted about earlier... and in his hands it's simply burning up the place.

And lastly... I finished up recording a new album a few weeks back and will be getting my music site updated with its release as well as getting hard copies ready. It's a bunch of new songs that I've written in the past year (or so) that I've given the string band approach -- guitar, bass, mandolin, and sometimes a second guitar or tiple. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and can't wait to let you all in on it...! It'll of course be free to download at my website when ready.

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