c.1980 Peavey T-60 Electric Guitar

Never having actually played one of these guitars, but having seen them played a bunch of times, I had no idea exactly what it'd be like. But let me tell you... this is a brilliantly designed instrument, totally suited to live or recording environments, with tons of tone variations possible without even touching the amp.

The T-60 was one of the first guitars to actually be built using CNC machines, features an ash body finish with satin poly, and a two-piece maple neck (with, I might add, a super-fast, comfortable profile). It's American made, and at the time it was built (and now, for that matter, too) was a super value.

It's got two humbuckers with individual volume and tone controls... and get this... when you dial the tone in past "7" on either pickup, the pickup changes to a single coil -- so you get, well, the best of both worlds. It's also got a pickup selector switch and a phase switch. Individual adjustable saddles, truss rod, etc... and string-through-body loading. This guitar is essentially built like a hybrid between the usual "rock" guitars -- LPs, Teles, and Strats.

Did I mention the body is contoured for comfort, too?

This guitar shows plenty of loving playwear but is 100% original, and it sure does play. Aside from cleaning, all I had to do was a setup to get its playability spot on.

Oh, and it came with its flight case, too. Sweet!

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