c.1980 Peavey T-40 Electric Bass

I recently traded out one of my basses for this fellow, and like the Peavey T-60 guitar that I posted about a bit earlier, this is a really nicely-designed instrument with tons of practical value. Its pickups, like the T-60, switch from humbucker mode to single coil when you push the tone past "7" -- which means you get that clean, warm, and deep humbucker sound when you want it, and that rich and precise single coil J or P bass tone when you want it, too.

In addition, there's individual vol & tone for each P/U, as well as a P/U selector (3-way), and a phase switch for "AM Radio Mode" -- or thereabouts.

Did I mention that the neck feels great, too?

Just popped a new set of GHS flatwounds 105w to 45w on it... love these things... by far my favorite flatwound for bass. They're super smooth and have tremendous warmth and percussive boom if you want it.

Body's a big 3-piece hunk of poly-finished ash.

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