c.1968 Framus Sorella Thin Archtop Electric Guitar

Mh... 16" plus wide thinbody archtop electric? Yes, I like. Framus (Franconia Music) out of Germany made loads of wacky, strange, fun, and often very practical instruments. This fella feels great in the hands... with a quick neck, ebony fretboard, and a very jazzy feel... and tone that fits in a variety of genres. I've got it tuned as a baritone right now (B to B, 70w to 15), which makes use of its wide-body openness, and it's currently churning out a great chugging rock/rockabilly sound. I imagine with flatwounds this would be a super jazz guitar, though.

It's hard to get a sense of the size of this guitar from the photos, but it's rather big. The body profile is wider and longer than my 12-fret Martin dreadnought, though it does have a cutaway and slightly offset thinner waist -- but that size makes it pretty flashy-looking and imperious when you've got it hanging from a strap.

Typical Framus multi-lam neck for big strength. Never ever have to even bother with the truss on these.

Hecka-cool faux-pearl big block inlay.

Pickup controls -- on/off for either, and a lead/backing switch.

Fun, almost 50s, pickups.

Yes, and a lovely flamed maple back!

Bolt-on neck makes adjustment really easy.

A looker, for sure.

I should mention that this particular model is rarer -- that being the 2-pickup, tremolo-arm model. I also should mention that the roller-bridge is unoriginal and I popped it on to keep it in better tune when using the whammy. The original bridge, a rosewood one with individual adjustable saddles, is safely stowed away.


Phil in K.C. said...

Very cool guitar that Framus is.

I came across your blog after googling Sorella due to a guitar goddess in K.C. using one during one of her band's shows.

I had never heard of them, let alone seen one.

Nice blog Btw.

Phil in K.C.

Phil in K.C. said...

I tried to check out your other stuff thru the links you have posted and none of them work.

Maybe it's the snow.


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