c.1965 Teisco-made "Audition" Electric Guitar

This very funky Japanese-made Teisco (I think) electric guitar (branded "Audition") probably dates to mid-1960s. It's got a crazy lime-green "sunburst" with big honking metal pickguard. Everything's original, right down to a bridge I had from my parts bin that's off of another one of these guitars, except that I've added new knobs for the vol/tone controls and a new bone nut, as someone had put in a terrible purpleheart wooden nut beforehand, which needed to go.

Frets are freshly dressed, new setup, new strings... and pow... this thing sounds super cool through a dirty amp, but has an almost surfy clean tone. Very fun, and decent output from the pickups, too. I especially enjoy the screen-like covers on the pickup casings.

Rosewood fretboard, very "well used" -- it's got marks of amateur cleaning/fret dressing on it from before, but is good to go.

Someone took off the vibrato arm, but the unit is still there. The jack has a new acoustic-style jack end, that I've found stays put better on these types of control plates.

Body is lightweight multi-lam.

Tuners work just fine.


Anonymous said...

This is an amazing guitar! I just got a 3 pickup model off of ebay, and I'm looking for a trem arm to go with it. Could you recommend a vendor? I look forward to hearing from you.

Antebellum Instruments said...

Sorry, I have no idea what would work with it, as I no longer have the guitar around to try various ones in! Jake