c.1964 Espana by Bjarton Classical Guitar

NOTE: Just checked the serial number on the guitar... was pretty close with my 1965 estimate. Serial dates this Bjarton-made guitar at 1964. I've updated the post title to reflect this.

This guitar was made in Sweden by Bjarton and then sold under the Espana name in America. This same model was also often sold under the Swedish "Hagstrom" name, for whom Bjarton made many guitars. It's extremely lightweight, responsive, and a joy to play. Quick response, big sweet tone, perfectly suited to jazz or folk as well as classical, or even flamenco.

Top is solid spruce, back and sides are solid mahogany (pretty stuff, too), and the neck is a three piece mahogany/maple/mahogany job, and feels excellent. Rosewood fretboard, bridge, and headstock veneer. It's 100% original and has a few repaired hairline cracks on the top and playwear to the top, but is otherwise in really good shape.

I reglued the mid-brace, cleaned it up, and did a setup on it. Action is just right -- a tiny hair over 1/8" at the octave with some saddle room to come down if you like the rattles of a flamenco-type setup.

Standard 2" wide fretboard at the nut, with faux-MOP dot inlay. Frets are in good order.

Bridge was reglued at some point, but the job was well done.

Cool cream/green binding/purfling.

Stunningly pretty orangey/red mahogany.


leighm4896 said...

I have a guitar just like this, purchased mid-60s for me by my parents. I've been wondering what it is worth. It is marked Espana, SL-1, serial 69101.

victor munn said...

I have a very similar guitar sn 55028. Do you have any idea of the value range. It's condition is very similar to the picture. Thank you Vic Munn

glory bee said...

I have similar with serial number 49801 stamped on headstock. Purchased in 1965 in Monroe, Michigan. Beautiful tone, 19 frets, and pleasant to play. What's it worth? Any idea.