c.1955 Vega Lap Steel Guitar w/Case

This is a totally fun little lap steel made by Vega in Boston, c.1950/1955. These were made since the 1940s but this one has the later-style knobs and is all-original (with cool '50s tuners and hard case) save that it's missing its pickup cover (had one of those plastic ash-tray style covers/hand rests originally).

Sound is sweet and crisp with that vintage warmth. GHS burnished nickel strings help, though, too. Pickup is a good single coil.

Cool rosewood fretboard with multicolored dots and inlaid "fret" marks.

Back shows some wear, but it's all there. Felted applique helps it from slipping in your lap.

Has a good hardshell case in really, really good shape.

Comes with its original steel (ie, the slide) with vintage cable.

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