c.1930 Regal Tenor Banjo

This is a no-frills, lightweight, rugged, openback tenor banjo, with no tone ring, but a full 23" scale length. It's pretty loud, has a rich, warm, and sweet tone (focused, too), and plays awesome. Hardware is good quality and sturdy, build is too. This is why I like Regals from this era -- simple and functional with no complaints.

I did a dowel reset on this fellow, cleaned it up, installed a new (well, vintage new -- from the 60s still in-box) Remo head, new Grover ebony/maple bridge, new bone nut... and the rest is totally original. It's in good shape, too. Rim and neck look like dark-stained maple or birch (probably maple). Neck is a three-piece for strength with an ebonized maple (I think -- possibly rosewood, though) fretboard.

Cool Regal decal and inlaid MOP.

Inlaid position dots.

New 5/8" bridge.

Simple bakelite-buttoned tuners -- but they work just dandy.

Good sturdy hardware.

...and a good neck brace.

It's always nice to see an older banjo with all its original rim hardware.

Ah, forgot to mention I added a washer at the end bolt -- better spacing but also keeps the wood from getting worn down.

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