c.1940 Salanti Piano Accordion

Cool case...

...and plush, too! Oh, right, it also comes with an old Salanti piano accordion... and lesson & songbooks -- not bad!

Been reading ol' Pietro's guidebook... mighty helpful. I was clueless about this instrument's ways and now I'm slightly less clueless.

Totally cool deco-ish look in black & white. Everything works, bellows are good, notes are nice and clear everywhere... and in tune -- what more could I ask from it? Yep, heading to my "recording instruments" stash for sure.

Grained ivoroid keys look snazzy. I'm familiar with this part of the instrument -- the bass and chord buttons are getting a little easier, though, too -- for reference: first two rows of bass bottons are single-note basses, third row is major chords, fourth is minors, fifth is sevenths, sixth is diminished. Sounds easy, huh? Yeah -- remember from touch where they are -- now that is not easy!


Anonymous said...


Please let us know when you post a recording using the accordion. I've always thought one of these might be fun to play around with even if I never got beyond the portable piano stage.


Antebellum Instruments said...

Ben: Will do. They're great fun! I'm sort of planning an instrumental album at some point and want to use this baby for sure.

Kath said...

Hi Jake. Very nice instrument. I own its baby brother - a 32 bass instrument with almost identical trim and style. I am just tuning it up to sell it, as I need to either downsize my collection of accordions, or else build another house!

I will keep an eye on your blog, now that I've found it. Cheers, Kath in NZ.