c.1962 Martin 00-21

What's that? Yes, a pristine 47-year old Martin 00-21 sitting in its original case. How about it? This guitar sounds, plays, and feels fantastic and has only extremely light wear to show. It's also got all the trim you're likely to want: tortoise binding, deep red tortoise pickguard, superlative Brazilian rosewood for back and sides, and a wide, comfortable, mahogany neck. Did I mention that it's of course a 12-fret? With rosewood fretboard? Played fingerstyle this guitar is rich, complex, and deep. Played with a pick it shares those qualities but projects like a cannon. Yessir, it's a goodin. Here's a quick video:

Classic lines remain unchanged in this guitar since its inception in the late 1800s (I believe).


This body size is just as comfortable as a 0 or other small contemporary "parlor" guitar, but has just a wee bit more boom and bass.

The top is all very tight grain spruce with a ripple effect all over in the right light.



Detail. And of course, the finish has "honeyed" to this pretty buttery color.

Headstock, original tuners, bone nut.

Fresh fret polish and board conditioning. Feels lovely. MOP dots.

Fretboard ext.

Rosette. Note: tortoise instead of black pickguard.



Other side. Lovely, lovely rosewood.

Headstock. Gears work great!


Rosewood bridge with original pins. Bone saddle (I believe).


3/4 -- the color of the wood is quite beautiful.

Top down.

Back of headstock.


Back. Notice that shine! Sheesh.

Tortoise strip at the end-block, too.


Josh said...

Instrument porn. That's what I call your site. Musical instrument porn.

Antebellum Instruments said...

It's very true, too. Especially these "out in nature" photos. Oh, the indecency!

But honestly... yeah, this thing is a bombshell of an instrument.