Sushi & Sopranino Tuning on Soprano Uke

First of all, Bonnie and I are devout lovers of vegetarian sushi. She's posted some photos of our first endeavor into making our own at her blog. I have to share simply because I loved it. We put on the Bob Brozman & Takashi Hirayasu album "Nankuru Naisa" and simply went at it like hungry sushi-loving wolves.

Next, and more importantly for you uke folks, here's a hint: if you're one of those uke fellows (like myself) that has an extra soprano uke around, there's something fun you can do! I purchased a set of Aquila nylgut charango strings a while back to have those odd thin gauges of nylgut you can't quite find anywhere else, and because they're extra-long (40" or so?) they're useful for using for strange guitar tunings and whatnot.

Anyhow, I had my lovely flamed-koa Regal uke sitting around collecting dust and I swapped out its old Worths for some of these charango strings (charango is tuned GCEAE bass side to treble). I used a single string each from the C, E, A, and E courses to apply to my uke for D, G, B, and E sopranino tuning. Let me tell you, not only does this sound awesome, but I have enough string for two sets, I didn't have to go out and find an eensy-teensy sopranino uke, and for the $6 the charango strings cost you get all sorts of bizarre high-strung combinations.

Ok! I'll post a video soon of the sound. Enjoy!

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Josh said...

So, what gauges of nylgut would you string a sopranino with? I've got a Tangi Manini, and it's cute, and I bet it could be playable with decent strings.