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Last updated 2/10/2016

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Archtop Guitars
  • 1910s Gibson Style 0 Scroll 16"
Flattop Steel String Guitars
  • 1920s Gibson L-1 (Robert Johnson) refinished
  • 1930s Gibson Recording King KG-14 type
  • 1930s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-11
  • 1940s Gibson Kalamazoo KG-12 (40 KG-14)
  • 1950s Gibson LG-2
  • 1950s Gibson LG-1 (overspray)
  • 1940s Martin 0-17T tenor
  • 1930s National 14-fret Triolian
  • 1910s Washburn rosewood/spruce parlor
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt Beltone 000 12-fret (higher grade)
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt 000 12-fret Sovereign (a bit beat)
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt Stella decalomania parlor tailpiece
  • 1930s Oscar Schmidt Collegian parlor birch
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt FHCM parlor red birch 
  • 1920s Larson-school rosewood 00 12-fret (beat)
  • 1930s Regal LeDomino 12-fret 00 size
  • 1930s Regal LeDomino #2
  • 1930s Regal 000 12-fret mahogany lap/Spanish conversion
  • 1930s Regal Cathedranola-style faux resonator 0 size
  • 1930s Regal May-Bell/College Pal-style birch parlor
  • 1920s Harmony checker-binding Hawaiian parlor birch
  • 1930s Harmony Gene Autry 14-fret 00 spruce/birch
  • 1930s Harmony Supertone Hawaiian black/birds scene parlor
  • 1940s Harmony Hawaiian/birds scene parlor birch
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo H1266 (fancy)
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo H1266 #3 (very beat)
  • 1960s Harmony Silvertone jumbo iced tea burst 
  • 1960s Harmony Regal jumbo
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo batwing/iced tea burst
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo natural 
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo #2
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign 000 H1203
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign 000 H1203 #2 
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign 000 H1203 #3
  • 1970s Harmony Sovereign "Jet Set" jumbo
  • 1920s Kay/Strom Vois 12-fret spruce/birch parlor
  • 1920s Kay/Strom Vois 12-fret birch parlor
  • 1920s Richter Hawaiian parlor birch
  • 1960s Levin Goya N-21 00 mahogany 14-fret
12-String Guitars
  • 1970s Guild F-112 (good cond)
  • 1970s Guild F-112 (very beat)
  • 1970s Guild F-212 (clean)
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo 12
  • 1960s Harmony Sov jumbo 12 #2 
  • 1960s Harmony Sov jumbo 12 #3
Early & Nylon/Gut-Strung Guitars
  • 1860s American rosewood/spruce parlor
  • 1860s German maple/spruce parlor 0 size
  • 1920s Harmony mahogany peanut/fboard extension soprano
  • 1920s Regal monkeypod-wood soprano
  • 1920s L&H Camp Uke monkeypod normal type
  • 1930s Slingerland/May-Bell-style banjo uke soprano
  • 1930s Regal birch tiple (very damaged, probably partser)
  • None at the moment
  • 1920s Martin Ditson style B rosewood/spruce flatback
  • 1970s Bolivian ronroco
  • 1980s Renaissance-style lute