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Interested in buying something? The secure "buy it now" buttons make it easy, but please check out the bottom of this page for purchasing, returns, and shipping information in detail. Keep in mind that the "buy it now" buttons can be used by international buyers as well but I will more than likely need to collect additional international mashipping charges before shipping the item. All items ship from our shop in Rochester, Vermont, United States. To contact me directly for any reason, click here.

Offers & trades considered!
Last updated 4/20/15
Hold = on hold pending payment or shipped awaiting arrival
Consigned prices = set by customer's needs, not Antebellum

Acoustic Guitars 
Electric Guitar & Bass
Hawaiian & Lap Steels

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Violin Family



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("bolded" listings are rare or more desirable pieces)
  • 1980s Renaissance-style lute
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo guitar(s)
  • 1960s Kay jumbo archtop electric weirdo guitar 
  • 1940s Martin 00-17 guitar #2
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo 12 string (several)
  • 1930s Kay archtop guitar
  • 1910s Larson-school 00-size rosewood parlor guitar
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt grey/sunburst birch parlor guitar
  • 1930s Harmony 00-size 14-fret guitar
  • 1930s MayBell WWII-decal archtop guitar (on hold)
  • 1940s Kay-made Nat'l-cone woodbody resonator guitar (x2!)
  • and much much more


This next bit is the "Fine Print" because it should fill you in on any details as far as purchasing and shipping an instrument is concerned. If you have further questions, please contact me.


All instruments have been repaired and setup for fast action unless otherwise noted in their listing information. This means that they play to the best of their ability and conform within expected tolerances (or better) of a properly setup instrument. Action is low and easy, necks are straight and necessary repairs have been done. Standard action height for guitars at the 12th fret is 3/32" bass and 1/16" treble, 5-string banjos have 1/16" or slightly higher standard (depending on string type), and tenor guitars/banjos, ukes and mandolin-family instruments have 1/16" standard.


If you would like to purchase an instrument, feel free to use the "BUY IT NOW" buttons located below an instrument's listing in the inventory list. This will open up a PayPal-secured cart that can be used with any major credit or debit card as well as with your PayPal account, though you do not need a PayPal account to use it. International customers: it's okay to use the "Buy-It-Now" buttons above to purchase but I will need to invoice you for the remaining balance before I ship the instrument.

You can also pay via snail mail with a personal check or money order. For those less inclined to share credit card information over the web, these methods are just fine by me, though personal checks will have to wait to clear before I ship. Checks should be made to: Jake Wildwood, 645 Route 100 S, Rochester, VT 05767.


Shipping-included prices are for the lower 48 States only. International, Hawaii, Alaska, please ask for an adjusted quote. Recently I've adjusted shipping so most items ship via Priority Mail or Express rather than Parcel Post, though bigger items traveling to the West Coast generally still ship Parcel. To contact me for an adjusted quote or pricing considerations, click here to go to the contact page.


You can also try out the entire inventory at our family's brick and mortar shop (click for web link) located one mile south of Rochester, VT on Route 100 in the "big red building" called The Wildwood Flower (yes, the Carter Family song). Prices in-store are reduced from the online pricing to remove the shipping charge figured into them.


Returns accepted within reason! If you need to return your instrument for any reason, I accept returns that are posted back to me within 48 hours trial time. When the item is safelyback, I will refund the full purchase price. Buyer pays for return shipping and must pack safely. Note that I don't expect the instrument to return in 48 hours, just that they are sent back after 2-days trial if they need to be. Update 8/7/14: "purchase price" does not include the "shipping price" TO the buyer. This is why it's called the "purchase price."

Trades & Offers

Offers are considered and trades may be a possibility! Don't be shy! I'm always looking for interesting instruments in trade, but please keep in mind that you're more likely to get my attention with old instruments that need a bit of work.