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("bolded" listings are rare or more desirable pieces)
  • consigned 1930s Regal-made May Bell tenor guitar
  • 1980s Renaissance-style lute
  • 1930s Regal/Serenader openback tenor banjo
  • 1900s Lyon & Healy/Regal style bowlback mandolin
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt Stella banjo uke
  • 1920s Weymann openback tenor banjo 
  • 1920s Regal tenor guitar (size 5) 
  • 1970s Harmony H6365 (H165) 000-size guitar
  • 1930s Regal squareneck birch guitar
  • 1930s Richter (Harmony?) Venetian-stencil parlor guitar
  • 1920s Supertone/Harmony mahogany uke fb-extension
  • 1950 Kay mahogany soprano uke
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt? koa taropatch uke
  • and more