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Last updated 11/24/15

Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Martin Acoustic Guitars 

Other Acoustic Guitars
Electric Guit, Bass & Steel

Mandolins, Latin, World


  • 1950s Kay 5-string coming...
Violin Family

Harmonicas, Drums, Etc.

  • More soon!
Amps, Cabs, Equipment, Parts, Etc.

Ephemera & Wall Art

Coming soon for sale...

  • 1910s Gibson Style 0 scroll-archtop guitar
  • 1930s National 0 silver resonator guitar (sailboats)
  • 1920s Beltone (Oscar Schmidt Sovereign-style) 00 guitar
  • 1950s Gibson LG-2
  • 1950s Gibson LG-1
  • 1920s Stella tailpiece parlor decalomania guitar 
  • 1930s Slingerland Songster (Oscar Schmidt?) archtop guitar
  • 1930s Regal LeDomino 0-size guitar (decals!)
  • 1980s Renaissance-style lute
  • 1960s Harmony Sovereign jumbo guitar(s
  • 1910s Larson-school 00-size rosewood parlor guitar
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt grey/sunburst birch parlor guitar
  • 1930s Harmony 00-size 14-fret guitar
  • 1940s Kay-made Nat'l-cone woodbody resonator guitar (1 more)
  • 1900s Washburn 0-size guitar
  • 1920s Oscar Schmidt koa Sovereign 0-size guitar
  • 1920s Gibson L-Jr archtop guitar
  • 1930s Gibson L-4 round-hole archtop guitar