c.1950 Harmony Baritone Ukulele

Yes, another 1950s Harmony baritone uke. Love em. This one, my guess, is a really early one. Wood quality is high, tone is nice, playability (now) is fantastic, and it's simply just a joy to tuck under the arm and play on the couch. This one has had a fret dress, impact-crack repair on the back, saddle shave, cleaning, and setup.

Oh, and new tuner pegs. The originals were a bit worse for wear... though the uke itself is in pretty grand shape aside from the aforementioned small back crack repair. Finish looks good, with a very deep brown... mahogany... color. Looks great with the old tortoise binding and minimalist inlaid rosette.

Bone nut and saddle, original.

Rosewood fretboard with faux-MOP dots. Neck profile is very shallow and quick.

Photos are showing this uke a lot redder than it is... it's a pretty deep brown in reality.

...and the top is for sure quartersawn, more lightly braced than the 1960s models, and has some pretty grain to it.

In case you were wondering, Harmony agreed with my assessment of wood use, too.

Old late 40s/50s label.

If I don't succumb to temptation someone's going to have a lovely new (old) bari. This one's a charmer.


Liesbeth en Karl said...
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Liesbeth en Karl said...

A question. I have a similar mahogany Regal baritone, and because i noticed it was dry,I stuck a wet sponge between the strings.

It worked, but it also made it worse: there's a discoloration where some of the water dripped. By now it's dry again, but remains stained... Do you have any idea how I could remove such water stains? Preferably without sanding and coating...